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Collaborative Robots: Moving into the Quality Lab

Our customer OptiPro Systems appeared in the August issue of Quality Magazine. This case study shows how Q-Span technology helped OptiPro enhance their world-class optics manufacturing systems, adding robotic machine tending and small-part measurement. From Quality...

New White Paper: Innovations in Small-Part Measurement

New Scale Robotics has published a new white paper exploring the evolution of QC measurement techniques, including recent innovations in end-of-arm tooling that allow collaborative robots to perform QC measurements. Like their counterparts in production, collaborative...

What goes down is likely to go up faster

Here's a good opinion piece from AMT, the Association for Manufacturing Technology. As many previous recessions, depressions, and crashes have proven, U.S. business will be back. While preparing for the economic downturn, keep in mind that growing from the...

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