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What goes down is likely to go up faster

Here's a good opinion piece from AMT, the Association for Manufacturing Technology. As many previous recessions, depressions, and crashes have proven, U.S. business will be back. While preparing for the economic downturn, keep in mind that growing from the...

Hidden Quality Costs in Manufacturing

Although we carefully monitor costs in manufacturing, many costs are not top of mind because they’re out of sight. Like an iceberg, most of the cost mass remains hidden underwater. Here’s one way you can address those massive costs for small-part manufacturing.

The future of collaborative robots starts now

Collaborative robots move beyond the low-hanging fruit of machine tending and material handling If you are part of the robotics industry, you are keenly aware of the growing phenomenon of collaborative robotics. In an industry that has in the past evolved...

Robots Aren’t Taking Our Jobs

Automation helps companies address the labor shortage in manufacturing, including quality assurance As robot installations become more common on the production floor, more plant workers worry about their job security. However, with the proper training and...

Precision gripper comparison

You need a precision gripper if you wish to use collaborative robots for small part manipulation, intricate assembly work, or automated measurement inspection. The precision gripper must have: small size low mass high measurement precision The NSR-PG-10-20-URe...

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