Application: Automated Metrology

Automated Metrology Overview

The NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper – the first gripper for automated metrology with cobots – allows you to easily automate repetitive, labor-intensive measurement and quality control tasks.

Data Logging

This video demonstrates measuring parts with a UR3 cobot and an NSR-PG gripper with metrology fingertips, transferring the data to a server, and recording and plotting this data.

Metrology Fingertips Kit

This video shows how to install and use the Metrology Fingertips Kit for the NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper.

Establishing Zero Reference

After installing the metrology fingertips, establish the zero reference for the finger tips by measuring a part with a known standard dimension.

Application: Small Part Handling

Pick and Place Demo

Demonstration of a small part pick-and-place application by Numatic Engineering. Featuring the NSR-PG Precision Parallel Gripper and Cognex machine vision camera on a Universal Robots UR3 cobot.

Small Part Handling

This video shows the NSR-PG gripper picking small parts from a vibratory bowl. Demonstration by Numatic Engineering.

How To

Installing the Factory Fingers

This video shows how to install the factory fingers included with the NRS-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper in the three different standard positions.

General and Just for Fun


The NSR-PG is an easy-to-use, plug-and-produce solution for the smallest collaborative robots. It installs in minutes using the UR robot output flange, tool I/O port, and URCaps plugin on the teach pendant.

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