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Q-Span® Workstations

Introducing Q-Span Gauging Systems

How do Q-Span Gauging Systems help your quality teams?  Find out in this two-minute video.

What exactly is a Q-Span Workstation?

Follow along as we set up a scenario to show potential time savings, improvement to worker morale, and – perhaps most importantly – the ability to get better, more consistent data about your parts.

Q-Span Workstation Kit Overview (2:45)

A Q-Span Workstation Kit will help you achieve gage R&R targets and replace tedious manual measurement and data entry tasks.

Q-Span® Workstations – Case Studies and Demonstrations

Case Study: Orchid Orthopedics (2:48)

See how this medical contract manufacturer automated QC inspection of its machined surgical drills, quickly saving more than 50 hours/week.

Three Gauges, One Robot (1:44)

This video shows a Q-Span Workstation with three gauges – a digital caliper, a drop gauge, and a bore gauge – on one collaborative robot.

Q-Span Workstation with Air Gage (1:02)

A Q-Span Workstation automatically inserts and removes parts on an air gauge to automate measurement and data collection.

NYMAT Machine Tool Demo (2:04)

Check out these highlights from our presentation at NYMAT Machine Tool Corp’s FOCUS ON AUTOMATION Tech Brief Seminars and Open House.

Robotic caliper/gripper calibration (1:39)

Here’s how we automated final inspection and calibration of our own robotic caliper/gripper, using a collaborative robot in our QC area.

Q-Span Workstation Live Demo (1:18)

We traveled to the beautiful Buffalo Manufacturing Works facility to demonstrate the Q-Span Workstation.

Q-Span Workstation Online Demo (19:28)

We offer live, interactive demonstrations of the Q-Span Workstation, using online meeting tools when in-person is not possible. Here’s an example.

QC Inspection and Machine Tending Applications

How It's Measured: QC Inspection

This video series demonstrates how you can automate QC measurement of small parts. We take you step by step through some common part features found in high-mix manufacturing.

Machine tending and in-line measurement (full case study)

The NSR-PG Precision Gripper/Caliper is shown on a UR3e cobot, performing machine tending and part sorting in conjunction with a Zeiss O-Inspect CMM. Developed with Axis New York and OptiPro.

NEW in-line inspection in optics fabrication (short)

Optipro uses the NSR-PG precision gripper and caliper to combine machine tending with new in-line measurement inspection capabilities on a single collaborative robot.

Gripping, Measuring, and Small Part Handling

New URe gripper + multi-tool system

See how our new NSR-MTM-3-URe multi-tool mount and NSR Devices software let you easily control three of our newest NSR-PG-10-20-UR3e precision grippers in this automated metrology application.

Pick and Place Demo

Demonstration of a small part pick-and-place application by Numatic Engineering. Featuring the NSR-PG Precision Parallel Gripper and Cognex machine vision camera on a Universal Robots UR3 cobot.

Small Part Handling

This video shows the NSR-PG gripper picking small parts from a vibratory bowl. Demonstration by Numatic Engineering.


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Eastec 2019 Highlights

See three precision parallel grippers on one UR3e cobot in this demo from Eastec 2019, featuring comments from Universal Robots.

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