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IMTS Spark & IMTS Conference

Live, interactive sessions September – October 2020

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the premier manufacturing technology show in North America. This year’s virtual event will include Spark Showcases, conference sessions, and virtual showroom exhibits.

Catch New Scale Robotics CEO David Henderson presenting a conference session “Automating Small Part Measurement Inspection with Collaborative Robots” on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 12:30 pm EST

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Webinar: Automating Manual Part Inspection with Collaborative Robots


Manufacturers are using collaborative robots to lower costs and reduce production errors in a wide variety of applications. Quality departments are often last in line to benefit from automation, even though they have many manual, repetitive and mundane tasks that are excellent candidates for automation.

Join us for this webinar to find out how a Q-Span Workstation and collaborative robots can help your QC department automate manual inspection tasks to increase inspection throughput, collect more accurate data and improve gage R&R. You will learn:

  • How to use collaborative robots to automate QC measurement
  • A detailed description of how the Q-Span System takes measurements, incorporating robotic pick-and-place
  • How to qualify Q-Span Workstation tool capability for parts and processes in small-part manufacturing


Webinar: Revolutionizing Small Part Quality with Collaborative Robots

ON DEMAND  | Quality Magazine online

Collaborative robots are finding success in high-mix manufacturing for materials handling, machine tending, and pick-and-place. Now manufacturers are starting to see the value that collaborative robots can bring to Quality Assurance as well. Like the rest of the plant, the critically-important QA and QC functions can use collaborative robots to automate boring, repetitive tasks; reduce errors; and retain talent. If you missed the live event on March 10, you can still view the webinar on-demand.

View on-demand at Quality Magazine

ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI)

May 23-26, 2021 | Hybrid virtual and in-person event.

In recognition of the vital connection between excellence, digital transformation, and deep cultural improvement, WCQI 2021 showcases quality’s myriad contributions to organizational excellence, and celebrates 75 years of bringing quality professionals together to explore quality’s distinctive ability to transform people, processes, and organizations. ASQ is postponing WCQI Anaheim to 2022, and is redefining WCQI 2021 as a hybrid model – part virtual, part in-person – with a variety of engagement opportunities and a completely virtual exhibit hall.

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