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Q-Span Workstation Accessories

NSR-PG Precision Gripper / Robotic Caliper

This dual-function robotic gripper for part handling and robotic caliper for measuring is included in Q-Span Workstations for automated QC inspection and sorting of small parts.

The world’s first robotic calipers
for automated small part measurement inspection

Precise finger motion with force control
for gripping and intricate small part handling

Small and lightweight design
enables multiple tools on a single robot arm

Quick connect to UR tool port or New Scale MTM Multi-Tool Mount
no cables along the robot arm, for continuous 360-degree rotation

See Specifications

NSR-PG-10-20-URe Specifications (with default factory fingers)

Robot Compatibility Universal Robots UR3e, UR5e, UR10e
Interface High-speed RS-485 interface for highest measurement precision and ability to use multiple grippers/calipers on one robot.
Measurement resolution 2.5 μm 0.0001 in
Measurement repeatability1 +/- 5 μm +/- 0.0002 in
Measurement accuracy, full scale2 +/- 20 μm +/- 0.0008 in
Adjustment range of standard fingers3 0-52 mm 0-2.0 in
Travel – gripper opening range 20 mm 0.8 in
Speed – programmable) 2-30 mm/s 0.1-1.2 in/s
Grip force – programmable, bi-directional4 3-10 N 0.7- 2.2 lb force
Grip force resolution 0.5 N 0.1 lb force
Back drive force – no power 1-3 N 0.2-0.7 lb force
Recommended work piece mass5 100 grams 0.22 lbs
Lifetime (minimum) 500,000 cycles
Mass – gripper with standard fingers, UR mounting plate and hardware 205 grams 0.45 lb
IP rating 40
Agency approvals CE, RoHS

NOTE 1 – Applies to measurements taken using the same grip force for each part.

NOTE 2 – Applies to measurements taken using the same grip force for each part and also using the same grip force to establish the reference offset.

NOTE 3 – Fingers can be re-positioned by loosening two screws and using mounting pin locations. Custom fingers can be installed for wider adjustment range.

NOTE 4 – Gripping force is bi-directional; parts may be gripped on their inside or outside surfaces using appropriate fingers.

NOTE 5 – Maximum may be higher depending on finger friction and force setting.

Cobot gripper mounting diagramNSR-PG-10-20 precision parallel gripper for cobots dimensions


NSR-MTM Multi-Tool Mount

This innovative mount supports up to three NSR-PG gripper/calipers on one Universal Robots or FANUC CRX cobot in Q-Span Workstations for automated QC inspection and sorting of small parts.

Standard mounting
ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 mounting surface and M8 round plug cable connection

Freedrive button
Quickly teach and set positions

Automatically build device processes
Speed and simplify creation of complex operations

See Specifications

NSR-MTM-3-URe  Specifications (not including tools)

Mass – with UR mounting plate and hardware 470 grams 1.04 lbs
Current Draw @ 24 V (NSR-MTM-3 only)
Consult tool documentation for current draw of specific tools
0 to 0.4 Amps
Operating Voltage 22-26 Volts
Temperature – Operating 0 to 50 °C 0 to 122 °F
Temperature – Storage -30 to 60 °C -22 to 140 °F
Humidity – Operating, Non-Condensing 5 to 95 %
IP rating 40 IP
Agency approvals pending
Tool Compatibility NSR-PG Gripper/Calipers
UR Robot Compatibility e-Series UR3e, UR5e, UR10e


Metrology Fingers and Fingertips Set

Standard gripping fingers, ruby styli fingers, and metrology fingertips for a wide range of measurement needs are included in Q-Span Workstations for automated QC inspection and sorting of small parts.

Easily interchangeable
Using a simple hex key

Measure outside or inside dimensions
Using bi-directional force of the NSR-PG gripper/caliper

See Specifications

NSR-SET-F2  Components

Fingertips Used to measure these types of features Example
Flat Fingertips (2) Flat
Convex Spherical
Convex Cylindrical
Diameter of a sphere
Spherical Fingertips (2) Flat
Concave Spherical
Concave Cylindrical
Distance between two flat surfaces
Ruby Styli Fingers (2) Flat
Concave Cylindrical
Inside diameter of a hole in a part
Other Components
M2x4 screws (6), alignment pins (4) and hex key wrench to install fingers and fingertips


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