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A FANUC Authorized System Integrator

FANUC is the world leader in industrial robots. Leveraging their Service First support network ensures you have reliable, lifetime support on all FANUC products. The new FANUC CRX collaborative robot series delivers safer, easier-to-program automation, with the same proven product reliability that manufacturers have come to expect with a FANUC robot.

The FANUC CRX uses an easy-to-use teach pendent with an intuitive drag-and-drop programming interface. With a growing list of CRX Devices with direct software plug-ins, the entire robot deployment and automation cell is becoming easier to use and deploy for high-mix, small-batch manufacturing.

Enhancing FANUC Capabilities

As an Authorized Systems Integrator (ASI), we can sell and deploy FANUC directly to you, the manufacturer. This allows us to apply our robotics and metrology expertise to solve your production and quality challenges, while directly deploying the robot and training your team to ensure your prolonged success with your Q-Span Gauging System.

With the help of the innovative FANUC CRX Collaborative Robots, we can deliver systems that are safe and flexible, allowing you to redeploy the workstation for many different parts while ensuring prolonged reliability with FANUC’s 8 years of maintenance-free robot operation.

The Q-Span Gauging System is a do-it-yourself metrology system that incorporates our innovative gripper/calipers, your choice of gauges for measurement, software for data collection, and easy drag & drop programming.

As an ASI, FANUC has demonstrated its confidence in New Scale Robotics to deploy CRX robots to manufacturers and our ability to support and service deployed robots.

Additional Partners for Metrology and Automation

We work with a wide range of manufacturers to create automated gauging systems that fit your metrology needs. These include probes and gauges, conveyors, CNC interfaces and more.

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