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We partner with automation and gauging product manufacturers to create systems for you

FANUC is the world leader in industrial robots. Leveraging their Service First support network ensures you have reliable, lifetime support on all FANUC products. The new FANUC CRX collaborative robot series delivers safer, easier to program automation, with the same proven product reliability that manufacturers have come to expect with a FANUC robot

Universal Robots (UR) is the world leader in collaborative robots. New Scale Robotics makes plug-and-play products for the UR+ program, and is also a Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots. UR cobots offer extremely easy-to-use no-code programming interfaces, advanced safety features, and hundreds of plug-and-play products (grippers, vision systems, sensors, welding tools, and much more) that can be procured through the UR+ store, the first “app store” for industrial robots.

Keyence provides various linear probes, sensors, non-contact gauges (such as 2D laser profilers/micrometers, vision systems, etc.). Their easy-to-use software and automation-friendly controllers allow these technologies to be easily added to the Q-Span platform to automate gauging.

New Vista offers automated thread verification and remediation tools. Tests such as go/no-go, thread depth of blind holes, or defects such as missing, short, or improperly formed threads.

Marposs offers a variety of gauges, including bore gauges.

Mahr offers a variety of gauges, including production metrology tools used for lengths and diameters; surface and contour; form and position; and gears and shafts.

Air Gaging LLC provides high-precision air gauges that resolve in the millionths. Used for extremely high-accuracy gauging and/or non-contact measurements.

Western Gage provides high-precision air gauges that resolve in the millionths. Used for extremely high-accuracy gauging and/or non-contact measurements.

Asyril feeding systems, such as the Asycube, use a vibrating table to precisely reposition parts. Vision systems provide part pickup coordinates for the robot, allowing for extremely flexible part pickup in random orientations. Hoppers can be used to stage many parts at once.

Dorner conveyors are used to convey parts to the Q-Span system. Fixtures and funnels allow parts to be presented in the same orientation each time.

Flexxbotics provides CNC machine interfaces, allowing Q-Span workstations to be used for both part inspection and CNC machine tending in one cell. This interface can be used to feed measurement data back to the CNC machine to automatically compensate for tool wear.

Caron Engineering provides many CNC machine interfaces, and its AutoComp software allows data from gauges to be used to automatically compensate CNC machines to correct for machine tool wear. This allows Q-Span Gauging Systems to enable a closed-loop machining and inspection process, delivering lights-out automation.

MiJet offers part blow-off and other part cleaning solutions. These systems are easily added to a Q-Span Workstation to allow machined parts to be chipless and dripless before moving through the gauging process. This prevents oil and coolant buildup on gauges, where every micron matters.

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