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Cobots Help Short-Handed Machine Shops

Nearly every visitor we spoke to at recent Demo Day events shared a common complaint: They are short-handed and need immediate help. Deploying collaborative robots for machine tending and inspection can give them immediate relief, letting their machinists concentrate...

A Light Bulb Moment for Lights-Out Manufacturing

How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb? Well, none, because that's not really how we use our robots…but we did spark some light bulb moments at Automate 2022. At Automate 2022, we talked to a lot of people who are chasing “lights-out” manufacturing. We...

Robots Need Dexterity to Work With Bore Gauges

Collaborative robots with sufficient resolution and repeatability can automate measurements using standard manual bore gauges. They improve throughput, and deliver additional benefits beyond measuring inner diameters. Here’s how.

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