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Q-Span Gauging Systems

Why Automate Your Manual Gauging Methods?

If you are a high-mix manufacturer, you already use a variety of gauging tools and methods, both in-process (on the shop floor) and in the quality lab.

What if you could automate the tedious aspects of gauging, using your existing tools and processes? You could:

  • Improve process control, yield and throughput in QC
  • Reduce human variability in measurements
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Increase capacity faster than headcount

Q-Span® Gauging Systems: DIY Automation for Gauging, Part Handling and Data Logging

Q-Span Gauging Systems automate part handling and gauging of critical dimensions on manufactured parts in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. These mobile robotic workstations enable do-it-yourself (DIY) automation for QC inspection.

Each workstation is configured with:

  • A collaborative robot from Universal Robots or FANUC
  • New Scale’s innovative smart gripper/calipers
  • Other standard gauges
  • Teachable “plug-and-produce” software – zero-code programming

Your Qualified Gauges – Automated!

Use this flexible robotic workstation to automate your existing manual gauges and gauging techniques. Incorporate your preferred metrology tools, from nearly all your trusted and approved suppliers. We work with contact and non-contact inspection tools including:

  • Calipers
  • Thread gauges
  • Height or drop gauges
  • LVDT probes
  • Bore gauges
  • Go/no-go gauges
  • Air gauges
  • Laser micrometers
  • Vision systems
  • 2D telecentric profilers


Q-Span Workstations automate manual gauging tasks in a variety of manufacturing industries including metal machining, plastics molding and machining, and optical component fabrication.

Pick, Measure, Sort, and Place

Q-Span Systems automatically pick parts, use automated gauges to measure multiple features on each part, and sort or place each part based on any measured dimension (e.g. pass, fail, or sort into bins by ranges). Q-Span Systems automatically record all measured data to a PC for statistical analysis.

Automating tedious manual gauging tasks, Q-Span Systems improve measurement consistency, repeatability, and throughput while eliminating data entry errors. They free your QC team to do higher-value work, boosting productivity and employee retention.

Q-Span Systems are easy for your in-house QC team to learn, use, and reconfigure as your product mix and gauging needs change.

Automatically Record All Data

Digitize inspection data from multiple gauges into one output. Easily generate real-time inspection data for up to 100% of your parts to reduce scrap and inspection costs.

a manual caliper and a robotic caliper

The Q-Span System’s NSR-PG Gripper/Calipers (above) are equipped with fingertips to function as digital calipers or material handling devices.

Incorporate high-accuracy probes (below) with resolution of 0.1 μm for heights, thicknesses, ODs and more.

Fast Setup, Fast Change-Over, Maximum Flexibility

We deliver your Q-Span Workstation with the gauges and programs you need to inspect your first few parts.

Then we train your team take over!

The collaborative robot is as easy to use as a smart phone – no robotics experience necessary. The NSR Devices URCap software and UR teach pendant make it simple for non-specialists to build processes and robot programs for additional parts. You may need part-specific fingertips, trays, and fixtures.

Once you have built processes for your parts, change over between parts takes only a few minutes.

Workforce Challenges? Solved.

Q-Span Workstations elevate quality teams by improving skills, capacity, productivity, recruitment, and retention. Fill your vacant operations and quality control positions by automating your repetitive and boring production processes.

Full Payback in Less Than a Year

Most manufacturers realize full payback on their investment in 10 months, through reduction in labor costs alone.

David Henderson with a cobot

Ready to Get Started?

Learn how to assess which parts and gauges to automate, define a robotic system that hits gauge R&R targets, and implement your first project using incremental automation for fast payback. Get our free white paper, “Getting Started with Automated Dimensional Gauging,” or call us today at (585) 924-4450.


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