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Automate Manual Gauging in Machining Operations

Q-Span Robotic Workstations automate part handling and dimensional gauging in machining operations. Inspect machined parts from CNCs, mills and lathes to improve quality and productivity.

Improve machine shop productivity

Automate the manual inspection tools you currently use at your CNC machines or in your QC lab.  Your machinists will spend less time inspecting parts, and more time producing them.

Q-Span Workstations work in-line with your installed machine tending robots. With near-machine inspection, you can create a closed-loop system to set automatic machine tool offsets, enabling lights-out machining.

Eliminate metrology bottlenecks

No more waiting for manual dimensional inspection! Incorporate your preferred metrology tools from your trusted and approved suppliers into the Q-Span Workstation.

We can work with nearly all suppliers to automate your existing manual gauging processes. These include:

Contact inspection tools

  • Calipers
  • Bore gauges
  • Height gauges
  • LVDTs / drop gauges
  • Thread gauges

Non-contact inspection tools

  •  Air gauges
  • Laser micrometers
  • Vision systems
A UR Collaborative robot in a machine shop measuring a drill
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Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

Automated QC inspection of machined surgical drills delivers immediate savings of more than 50 hours/week… and counting. Watch video

Thread Gauge Automation

See a Q-Span System automate four gauges – thread gauge, drop gauge, bore gauge, and robotic caliper – on one collaborative robot. Watch video

Tel-Tru Manufacturing

Automated verification of machined components speeds production of industrial instruments. (Open Tel-Tru YouTube channel in a new tab)

OptiPro Systems

Automated in-line pre-measurement and machine tending of a Zeiss CMM improves CMM utilization and throughput. Watch video

Improve traceability and process control

The workstation automates in-process gaging. It easily and automatically captures real-time inspection data for up to 100% of your parts.

Monitor and adjust for process drift and machine tool wear

Improve uptime with preventative maintenance

Extend tool life

Reduce scrap

Improve traceability

Flexible automation made simple

Q-Span Workstations enable do-it-yourself (DIY) automation. They are easy to install and use – no robotic experience required! Each workstation seamlessly combines:

A collaborative robot from Universal Robots or FANUC

Innovative robotic grippers and calipers

Other standard gauges

Teachable “plug-and-produce” software

Data Server Application to log data in real time and export for SPC or automated tool wear compensation

Can you use a Q-Span Workstation?

Learn more or book a private, interactive demo with our applications engineers to see how a Q-Span Workstation Kit can seamlessly work with your existing machining processes and gauging tools.

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Learn more about the Q-Span Workstation Kit for automated dimensional gauging in precision machining.

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Ask us about automating your preferred manual gauging tools and processes with a Q-Span Workstation.