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Smart Automation

for flexible manufacturing

Introducing Q-Span™ Automated Small-Part Measurement Systems

Automate digital caliper measurements, data logging and part handling


The Q-Span™ System is a NEW QC solution for high-mix, small batch manufacturing.

  • Pick and measure small parts with one collaborative robot
  • Sort and place parts based on measurements
  • Record data for statistical analysis
  • Automate in-line inspection and process control

Improve quality and capacity

This affordable automation system boosts your existing QC team’s capacity.

  • Return on investment in less than 10 months
  • Improve inspection accuracy
  • Increase staff skills and reduce repetitive stress injuries

Watch: How does a Q-Span™ System help your quality team?

Pick, measure and place small parts with up to three precision gripper/caliper tools on one collaborative robot

Get started today!

If you’re manually measuring small parts (up to about 4 inches) with digital calipers – we can probably help. Learn more, or call us to get a free assessment of your part. Call (585) 924-4450 today.

NIST: High-Mix/Low-Volume Manufacturers Are a Sweet Spot for Collaborative Robots

A recent post on the NIST Manufacturing Innovation blog provides a great summary of the promise of collaborative robots for small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs). “Collaborative robots are increasingly attractive to manufacturers who require flexible...

Q-Span System Overview Video

 Q-Span Workstations automate the manual process of measuring small parts for quality control in small-batch, high-mix manufacturing. Watch this video for a quick overview of what's in a Q-Span Workstation. Whether you use a Workstation KIT, or a fully...

Robotic caliper/gripper calibration using cobots

 THIS VIDEO SHOWS how we automated final inspection and calibration of our own robotic caliper / gripper, using a collaborative robot in our QC area. The NSR-PG gripper/caliper is a precision end-of-arm tool for Universal Robots and a key component our...

Webinar: Automating Manual Part Inspection with Collaborative Robots

NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND Manufacturers are using collaborative robots to lower costs and reduce production errors in a wide variety of applications. Quality departments are often last in line to benefit from automation, even though they have many manual, repetitive and...

New White Paper: Innovations in Small-Part Measurement

New Scale Robotics has published a new white paper exploring the evolution of QC measurement techniques, including recent innovations in end-of-arm tooling that allow collaborative robots to perform QC measurements. Like their counterparts in production, collaborative...

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