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Smart Automation

for flexible manufacturing

Introducing Q-Span™ Automated Small-Part Measurement Systems

Automate digital caliper measurements, data logging and part handling


The Q-Span™ System is a NEW QC solution for high-mix, small batch manufacturing.

  • Pick and measure small parts with one collaborative robot
  • Sort and place parts based on measurements
  • Record data for statistical analysis
  • Automate in-line inspection and process control

Improve quality and capacity

This affordable automation system boosts your existing QC team’s capacity.

  • Return on investment in less than 10 months
  • Improve inspection accuracy
  • Increase staff skills and reduce repetitive stress injuries

Watch: How does a Q-Span™ System help your quality team?

Pick, measure and place small parts with up to three precision gripper/caliper tools on one collaborative robot

Get started today!

If you’re manually measuring small parts (up to about 4 inches) with digital calipers – we can probably help. Learn more, or call us to get a free assessment of your part. Call (585) 924-4450 today.

100% Tax Deduction for Automating Measurement Inspection?

Here’s a great idea from our partner Universal Robots: If you’re a US manufacturer, you may qualify* for a significant federal tax deduction that will stretch your equipment budget and help boost your Covid-19 recovery. Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code allows...

Production Machining: Cobots Gain Ability to Sort and Measure

In the September 2020 issue of Production Machining, senior editor Lori Beckman writes about Q-Span Systems and how the innovative precision robotic caliper extends the applicability of collaborative robots to perform sorting and measurement of small parts. The...

Collaborative Robots: Moving into the the Quality Lab

Our customer OptiPro Systems appeared in the August issue of Quality Magazine. This case study shows how Q-Span technology helped OptiPro enhance their world-class optics manufacturing systems, adding robotic machine tending and small-part measurement. From Quality...

New Scale Robotics Featured in Rochester Business Journal

New Scale Robotics was featured in the August 21, 2020 issue of the Rochester Business Journal. The article discusses how the company grew as a natural offshoot of New Scale Technologies, a company with a long history and deep expertise in creating precision motion...

NIST: High-Mix/Low-Volume Manufacturers Are a Sweet Spot for Collaborative Robots

A recent post on the NIST Manufacturing Innovation blog provides a great summary of the promise of collaborative robots for small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs). “Collaborative robots are increasingly attractive to manufacturers who require flexible...

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