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DIY Automation

for small part measurement


The do-it-yourself (DIY) robotic quality inspection tool


Combine automated part handling, robotic caliper measurements, and automated data logging

  • Pick small parts
  • Measure multiple dimensions on each
  • Record data for statistical analysis
  • Place and sort parts based on real-time results

Improve quality and capacity

Fast implementation for high-mix, small batch manufacturing

  • Return on investment in less than 10 months
  • Improve inspection accuracy
  • Increase staff skills and reduce repetitive stress injuries

Watch: How does a Q-Span® Workstation Kit help your quality team?

Use a Q-Span Workstation Kit to pick, measure and place your small parts with up to three precision gripper/caliper tools on one collaborative robot

Can we help?

If you’re manually measuring small parts (up to about 4 inches) with digital calipers – we can probably help. Let us know what you’re trying to measure and we’ll do a FREE assessment of your part.

See it in action!

Book an interactive, online demonstration of the Q-Span Workstation Kit. Our applications engineers will tailor the demo to your interests, and answer your questions about automating your quality processes. Book online or call (585) 924-4450 today.

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Plug-and-Play Robot Ecosystems on the Rise

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Q-Span Workstation demo at Buffalo Manufacturing Works

 We traveled to the beautiful Buffalo Manufacturing Works facility for Automation Expo 2021, arranged by Ralph W. Earl Automation Solutions. Here's a Q-Span Workstation in a nutshell. (1:18) Learn more about Q-Span Workstation...

Measuring Ball Bearing Assemblies

Roller bearings and ball bearings are everywhere in manufacturing and automation. In our machines, actuators, motors and drives. And so, in almost every mechanical product - everything that moves has some kind of bearing. The typical steel ball located inside a...

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