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Introduction to Metrology Course Materials

with Collaborative Robots and the Q-Span® Workstation Kit

Enhance your manufacturing education programs with hands-on course content for metrology, robotics, and QC automation

Today’s manufacturing companies increasingly use:

  • Robotics and automation to mitigate labor shortages
  • Quality control (QC) integrated into every process
  • Real-time quality data to adjust manufacturing operations

Students with skills in these areas will have an edge in the manufacturing workforce.

Ready-to-use, hands-on course materials

Educational institutions can adopt these ready-to-use course materials to enhance their manufacturing education programs. The course introduces students to metrology and QC automation using collaborative robots.

Course materials include presentations, videos, testing, and hands-on learning.

Students will use a Q-Span® Workstation Kit with a Universal Robots cobot. They will learn to set up, program and run the system to perform automated metrology tasks. They will learn metrology concepts including units of measurement, precision, and traceability to standards.

Course Contents

The 8-hour course includes:

  • Instructional presentations with videos
  • Hands-on labs and capstone team project
  • Module quizzes and a final exam
  • Q-Span Workstation Kit hardware guide
  • Instructor guides with notes, key messages, tips and FAQs for each module

The course package includes a one-time training for the instructor in the use of the course materials, cobot, and Q-Span Workstation.

Excerpt from Module 1: What is Metrology?

Experience recommendations

We recommend that instructors and students have some experience with UR cobots before starting this course. This may be hands-on experience in a lab, or formal training through UR’s online academy training simulator or educational certification program.

Learn more

Watch this recorded webinar, presented with our partner ATC, to learn more about trends in automated metrology in industry and how these new course materials enable educational institutions to add metrology and collaborative robots to their manufacturing education programs.

Why this course?

Manufacturers of all sizes are deploying collaborative robots (cobots) for automation. Cobots offer ease of use, rapid deployment, and the ability to work safely alongside humans in small spaces.

Hands-on experience with cobots gives your students an edge in the workforce.

 Manufacturers continue to integrate quality control (QC) processes into every aspect of their operations, from the production floor to the quality lab. Metrology, or the study of measurement, is a cornerstone of quality for manufacturers.

Understanding the basics of metrology gives your students an edge in any manufacturing role.

Hardware requirements

One Q-Span Workstation Kit is recommended for every two students in the course. Each Q‑Span Workstation Kit includes:

  • A Universal Robots (UR) cobot equipped with three New Scale Robotics cobot gripper-caliper tools
  • Example parts with part trays, measurement fixtures and NIST-traceable reference fixtures
  • A cobot teach pendant with URCaps software to control the cobot and run metrology programs
  • PC software to log measurement data for analysis

Download the Q-Span Workstation Product Sheet for  more information about the kit.

Video index

00:00 – ATC and New Scale Robotics intro
05:00 – Collaborative robots overview
10:26 – Robots and quality control in industry
16:40 – Application examples
25:43 – Trends in manufacturing and automating quality inspection
30:10 – Course materials for Intro to Metrology with Cobots and the Q-Span Workstation Kit
34:35 – Tour of Q-Span Workstation Kit components
38:00 – Questions

Product Sheet

Download the Introduction to Metrology Course Materials product sheet (PDF).

Course Overview

Download the course overview (PDF)

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