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QC Automation for Precision Optics Manufacturing

DIY inspection robot automates handling and measurement of lens cores, prisms and more

Precision optics manufacturers need regular QC checks to ensure that parts are being produced within tolerance. For translucent and distorting materials, that means contact measurement.

Now you can automate QC inspection of these delicate optics. A Q-Span Workstation Kit will improve your quality while increasing QC department productivity and capacity.

Handle delicate glass or plastic parts – grip outside edges with controllable force

Make precise contact measurements using the robotic caliper

Automatically record all data to a PC for analysis

Control and monitor processes –  machining, molding grinding

Q-Span Workstation Kits are UR+ Application Kits, certified to integrate seamlessly with cobots from Universal Robots (UR). By reducing recurring engineering decisions for common applications, the ’Plug and Produce’ kits decrease project risk and complexity and are ready for fast implementation.

Can you use a Q-Span Kit?

Generally, if you can measure your part with a standard digital caliper, you can measure it with a Q-Span Workstation. Book a private, interactive demo with our applications engineers and we’ll show you how.

We can discuss your part measurement needs and assess whether this QC automation tool is a fit.

If needed, we can discuss a more detailed application assessment (proof of concept).

Flexible automation with fast ROI

A Q-Span Workstation deploys fast – no robot experience needed. Users can easily teach the system to pick and measure a wide variety of parts in high-mix optics manufacturing. It can be deployed for machine tending, including loading or unloading of other test equipment such as CMMs. Return on investment (ROI) is typically less than 10 months.

Learn More About Q-Span Workstation Kits

Learn more about the Q-Span Workstation Kit, a complete do-it-yourself (DIY) solution for automated small part measurement.

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