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White Papers

Getting Started with Automated Dimensional Gauging

How to assess which parts and gauges to automate, define a robotic system that hits gauge R&R targets, and implement your first project using incremental automation for fast payback

This paper outlines how to get started with automated gauging. We discuss how to choose the parts and processes to tackle for your first project, how to select appropriate gauges, and how to automate the gauges.

We include best practices for rapid and effective implementation using an incremental approach to automation. Finally, we discuss how to make a business case relevant to your business objectives, which may include return on investment (ROI), payback period, and gauge R&R improvements.

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Innovations in Small Part Measurement

From manual gages to robotic calipers: How innovation has improved repeatability, reproducibility, throughput, and job satisfaction

This white paper explores the evolution of QC measurement techniques, including recent innovations in end-of-arm tooling that allow collaborative robots to perform QC measurements.

Like their counterparts in production, collaborative robots in QC automate dull and repetitive work, keep humans safe from injury, and deliver more consistent performance. They improve measurement repeatability and reproducibility as well. With these innovations, collaborative robots give manufacturers a new competitive advantage in the race to maintain high quality and reduce costs.