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Presented at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI)

In this session, New Scale Robotics CEO David Henderson explored how QC measurement has evolved: from manual gages and tools, to “smart” gages, and now to robotic systems. These systems feature collaborative robots with digital calipers for making measurements, grippers for part handling, and data logging software for automatic capture of all data. Watch the presentation now.

We explain:

WHO can benefit from these innovations: High-mix, small-batch manufacturers using manual digital calipers for QC measurements.

WHY quality teams should consider robotic systems: Robotic caliper systems yield higher throughput, productivity and quality. We present case studies on CMM machine tending, shop floor machine tending with real-time data from a robotic caliper to alert operators to process drift and tool wear, and 100% final inspection of medical components.

HOW your QC team can get started: Learn what types of parts are good candidates for robotic measurement, how to calculate gage R&R, how to qualify tool capability for a robotic caliper system, and what new skill sets are required to deploy and program collaborative robots for automated small-part measurement.

In this video you will find:

  • A checklist for determining whether your parts and measurement processes can be automated
  • Formulas and considerations for calculating gage R&R and qualifying the robotic measurement system
  • Formulas for estimating return on investment (ROI)
  • Tools to calculate a reduction in CMM bottleneck with robotic machine tending and preliminary robotic caliper measurements
  • What skills are needed to deploy and program collaborative robots

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