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When Part Gauging is a Bottleneck

 Defined processes are critical to continuous improvement in manufacturing. Key measurement points are identified and metrics are put in place to measure processes. The resulting data is meant to be used for process improvement. It is in the evaluation of the data...

The Cobot Ecosystem for Automated Gauging

Premium partners help New Scale Robotics deliver premium gauging systems, perfectly tailored to your application and ready to expand An advantage of collaborative robots (cobots) is the robust ecosystem of end-of-arm-tooling, sensing, and other components that...

Cobots Calm Labor Market Woes for High-Mix Manufacturers

For quality teams, automation addresses these challenges. 1. As skilled inspection staff are retiring, critical metrology know-how must be retained. 2. Labor costs, even at minimum wage, are too high to hire full-time manual inspectors, even if companies could find them. 3. Management demands a growing amount of accurate, real-time data to feed internal initiatives for continuous process improvement.

As Robotics Gain Hold, Here’s How to Manage Them

The pandemic has only fueled the worker shortage, prompting manufacturers to embrace automation in large numbers. Quality Magazine has published advice on how senior leadership can ensure that robots are implemented in a way that supports a problem-free transition to...