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We created our Q-Span Workstation Kits as part of the UR+ ecosystem. A recent article from the Association for Advancing Automation explains the incredible value of that plug-and-produce ecosystem for our users.  Simply put, UR+ Application Kits make it easy to get started, and easily adapt to a manufacturer’s changing needs.

The Q-Span Workstation Kit is the first application kit for automated gaging, introducing the power of collaborative robots to quality departments for QC in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing.

From the article:

Ecosystems start out small. Then as more components join the fray and each benefit in a supportive, yet competitive environment with a common goal, the ecosystem grows and thrives. This is true of ecosystems in nature and business.

The footprints already exist in the digital world with the rise of PC platforms in the ‘90s and the explosion of mobile platforms in the last decade. The widely popular Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where third-party developers offer millions of software applications to increase the functionality of smartphones and tablets, is a combination of innovation, entrepreneurship and mutually beneficial partnerships, all culminating in a trusted marketplace for certified app solutions.

Similarly, robot ecosystems are bringing plug-and-play ease to compatible hardware and software peripherals, while adding greater value and functionality to robots.

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An intuitive user interface directly integrated to the UR robot teach pendant enables users with no robotic experience to program a Q-Span Workstation Kit.


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