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Our customer OptiPro Systems appeared in the August issue of Quality Magazine. This case study shows how Q-Span technology helped OptiPro enhance their world-class optics manufacturing systems, adding robotic machine tending and small-part measurement.

From Quality Magazine:

“In this application case study, we look at how a manufacturer of precision optical manufacturing and metrology equipment uses collaborative robots and a new robotic gripper/caliper to provide a solution that helps its customers optimize quality control measurements in the quality assurance area of their factory.

“OptiPro is a manufacturer of world-class optical manufacturing systems located in Rochester, NY. OptiPro wanted to create a solution that would free its customers’ operators from manually measuring optical lenses and feeding them into a Zeiss O-INSPECT Multisensor CMM, a coordinate measuring machine for final inspection and sorting. Such a solution would provide better utilization of skilled quality personnel for higher-order factory tasks while maintaining only the highest quality standards.

“For this application, the end user had multiple product lines of small optical lenses that look very similar, but need different recipes at the CMM. This meant that the CMM operator had to measure a part manually, select the appropriate programs on the CMM, load the parts into the CMM, and enter data into a Q.A. software program. To automate this application… continue reading at qualitymag.com

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