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The pandemic has only fueled the worker shortage, prompting manufacturers to embrace automation in large numbers. Quality Magazine has published advice on how senior leadership can ensure that robots are implemented in a way that supports a problem-free transition to automation, and delivers the most benefit from the investment.

Tips include:

  1. Approve funding for robotic projects. Senior leadership can embrace change and assure the workforce that the benefits will accrue to the entire organization.
  2. Approach automation incrementally. Identify one process step worthy of automation. Implement it and start generating the ROI very quickly.
  3. Involve the workers who are currently involved with quality and automation tasks as you set policies and goals.
  4. Designate one, or several, robot champions within the organization, enabling such staff to increase their responsibility and gain project management experience.
  5. Create a culture where employees are given the opportunity to learn how to manage the robots and automation vs. handling the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks.
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