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NSR-PG-10-20-URe Precision Gripper / Caliper for Universal Robots (UR)

The smallest, most precise gripper for Universal Robots

The first automatic caliper for cobots

Unleash maximum performance from the UR e-Series high-speed interface

Highest measurement precision
for small part inspection and sorting

Highest finger motion precision
for intricate small part handling and assembly in tight spaces

Small and light design
for fast, precise movement and multiple grippers on a single robot

Quick connect to UR tool port or New Scale Robotics Multi-Tool Mount
no cables along the robot arm for continuous 360-degree rotation
no external controller

Easy-to-use URCaps application
lets you build gripper processes in minutes

Precision and flexibility

The NSR-PG-10-20-URe is an easy-to-use, plug-and-produce gripper for collaborative robots from Universal Robots. It is the perfect fit for precision measurement inspection and small part handling, sorting and assembly tasks.

The gripper continuously senses the absolute position of its fingers with 2.5 µm (0.1 inches/1000) resolution on e-Series cobots. You can automate inspection and gauging, make in-process decisions, and log the data for statistical process control.

Learn more about automated metrology with cobots.

Fast setup

Installation is fast and easy. Simply mount the gripper to your UR robot tool flange and connect the single cable to the UR tool I/O port. No external wires or separate electronics are needed. This allows for full 360-degree or infinite rotation of the UR robot wrist joint without cable interference.

Install the URCaps software on the teach pendant and you’re ready to work.

Power and control with
just one cable. 
Fast and easy connection to the UR Tool I/O port. No converters needed.

Powerful, intuitive control software

The NEW NSR Devices software is a powerful URCaps application that installs on the UR teach pendant.

Set speed, force, targets and other parameters with a few clicks in the interface. NSR Devices software automatically builds gripper processes based on your settings – no need to manually insert multiple program nodes.

NSR Devices software also supports multiple devices on one robot arm, using one simple teach pendant screen.

Use the NSR Devices application
for the UR teach pendant to build gripper
gripper processes with just a few clicks.



for UR e-Series cobots

Maximum performance using the new high-speed RS-485 interface

Faster all-digital communications increases measurement precision (2.5 µm) and supports multiple grippers on one robot


for UR CB-Series cobots

UR+ Certified for excellent performance with UR CB-Series robots

For small part handling with measurement precision of 10µm


with factory fingers

MODEL NSR-PG-10-20-URe NSR-PG-10-20-UR
Robot Compatibility UR3e, UR5e, UR10e UR3, UR5, UR10
Resolution (typical) 2.5 μm 0.1 in/1000 10 μm 0.4 in/1000
Repeatability (typical) – for same grip force 5 μm 0.2 in/1000 10 μm 0.4 in/1000
Accuracy, linear (typical) 10 μm 0.4 in/1000 20 μm 0.8 in/1000
Adjustment range of standard fingers1 0-52 mm 0-2.0 in 0-52 mm 0-2.0 in
Travel – gripper opening range 20 mm 0.8 in 20 mm 0.8 in
Speed – programmable) 2-30 mm/s 0.1-1.2 in/s 2-30 mm/s 0.1-1.2 in/s
Grip force – programmable, bi-directional2 3-10 N 0.7- 2.2 lb force 3-10 N 0.7- 2.2 lb force
Grip force resolution 0.5 N 0.1 lb force 0.5 N 0.1 lb force
Back drive force – no power 1-3 N 0.2-0.7 lb force 1-3 N 0.2-0.7 lb force
Recommended work piece mass3 100 grams 0.22 lbs 100 grams 0.22 lbs
Lifetime (minimum) 500,000 cycles 500,000 cycles
Mass – gripper with standard fingers, UR mounting plate and hardware 205 grams 0.45 lb 205 grams 0.45 lb
IP rating 40 40
Agency approvals CE, RoHS CE, RoHS

NOTE 1 – Fingers can be re-positioned by loosening two screws and using mounting pin locations. See below. Custom fingers can be installed for wider adjustment range.

NOTE 2 – Gripping force is bi-directional; parts may be gripped on their inside or outside surfaces using appropriate fingers.

NOTE 3 – Maximum may be higher depending on finger friction and force setting.

This video shows how to use the NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper with a UR3 cobot from Universal Robots to easily automate repetitive, labor-intensive measurement and quality control tasks.

Interchangeable, teachable fingers

The NSR-PG ships with factory fingers installed so you can get right to work. These handle workpieces up to approximately 60 mm and 100 grams.

The standard fingers opening range is easily adjustable using the standard flange interface with a precision, pin-located finger reference mounting surface. Watch the video.

You can add metrology fingertips, modify the standard fingers, or create custom ones optimized to your parts. Use our CAD models as a reference design or contact us for custom fingers.

Finger position is teachable – just manually move the fingers to the desired position and set them using the teach pendant. This process is familiar to anyone who has used a UR robot in teach mode.

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