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New Scale Robotics’ Stefan Friedrich will present a keynote, Adding Inspection to Machine Tending Improves Output and Quality, February 23, 2021 at 4 pm EST at the Universal Robots online Cobot Expo on Machine Tending. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Join us to learn about the benefits of adding quality control to machine tending when using collaborative robots. We focus on processes for metal or plastic machining and molding.

We will look at traditional CNC machine tending applications, where adding quality inspection into the machine tending cell delivers benefits such as allowing manufacturing engineers to detect and correct process drift earlier.

We will also demonstrate non-CNC machine tending applications for QC, including coordinate measuring machine (CMM) machine tending and air gage machine tending.

New Scale Robotics’ keynote presentation will include several real-world examples showing how quality inspection during machine tending improves throughput and reduces cost.

From Universal Robots: About the UR Cobot Expo on Machine Tending

Universal Robots is excited to launch The Cobot Expo Series ’21 – five virtual events that focus on the industries and applications most relevant for collaborative robots during these challenging manufacturing times. Join us February 23-24 for our two-day online expo focused on Machine Tending applications with Universal Robots. Whether you need help tending your CNC, brake press, injection molding or 3D printing machine, collaborative robots can help you increase productivity, improve quality and capacity, tackle the labor shortage and improve employee satisfaction. Cobots are also flexible enough to be moved from task to task, so they can be used wherever they’re needed most on any given day.

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