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Part handling can be an issue when using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to inspect small parts. New Scale Robotics not only solves the part handling issue, but adds a significant new benefit of in-line measurement to improve throughput.

In this demonstration, the NSR-PG Precision Gripper/Caliper is shown on a UR3e cobot, performing machine tending and part sorting in conjunction with a Zeiss O-Inspect CMM.

Several different types of parts within a family of optics are inspected. The robot gripper picks a part, makes a preliminary measurement, and accurately loads the part into the CMM. The gripper relays its preliminary measurement to the Zeiss Calypso software, thereby identifying the part and telling the O-Inspect CMM which measurement procedure to perform.

After measuring the part, the CMM relays information to the robot indicating whether the part is good or bad. The robot sorts the parts accordingly when placing them in the output trays.

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