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Here’s a good opinion piece from AMT, the Association for Manufacturing Technology.

As many previous recessions, depressions, and crashes have proven, U.S. business will be back. While preparing for the economic downturn, keep in mind that growing from the lowest point of the economic crash to reach pre-crash levels often occurs at a faster rate than falling… while you are doing everything possible to protect yourself, your family, and your business, take time to lay out how you will expand to meet the fast pace of the recovery when it starts.

If you are manufacturing small parts, you should evaluate adding a Q-Span Workstation as part that plan. A Q-Span workstation can automate the digital caliper measurements that you have been doing manually as part of your QC inspection process. You can improve throughput and gage R&R at the same time.

Send us your part information now to see if it is a good fit for automation, and you can be ready to get started as soon as you need it.

Q-Span Systems automate measurements of small parts

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