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New Scale Robotics CEO David Henderson joins Early Ewing of Universal Robots and Carl Vause of Soft Robotics to discuss smart end-of-arm tooling and collaborative robots (cobots). The discussion includes an overview of some of the processes people are automating with cobots and smart grippers, including bin picking and petrology.

The panel also discusses the role of force sensing technologies, mechatronics, and other innovations in gripper development.

Finally they discuss the future of smart grippers and cobots. Advances they are working on today include:

  • more flexibility
  • more functionality
  • higher precision
  • local embedded intelligence, and
  • standardization so that grippers work out-of-the-box

View the recorded webinar at the Robotics Industries Association website (registration required).

Learn more about New Scale Robotics’ smart gripper for Universal Robots.

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