Throw Away Your Calipers!

DIY automation for QC Inspection

With a Q-Span® Workstation you can automatically pick small parts, measure multiple dimensions, place the parts (e.g. pass, fail, bin) based on measurements, and record all measured data to a PC for statistical analysis. Improve gauge repeatability and reproducibility, and eliminate data entry errors.

See what we mean in this two-minute video:

But will it work with my parts?

Let’s find out!

Download this free white paper to learn:

  • What types of part measurements can be automated
  • How to get a free part assessment or a full application assessment
  • How to calculate the gage R&R you can expect for your parts

Free White Paper - Q-Span Workstation Kit Application Assessment

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The Q-Span Workstation Kit includes three robotic gripper/caliper tools, an example part set (parts, trays, fixtures and example programs you can build on), zero-reference fixtures with gauge blocks, a workstation table, and instructions. It works with a UR3e cobot from Universal Robots. Learn more about Q-Span Automated Small Part Measurement Systems.

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