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New Scale Robotics was featured in a recent Universal Robots webinar:  Simplifying Cobot Setup and Deployment for Quality Applications.

The recent Universal Robots (UR) Webinar cited our Q-Span® Workstation Kit as an example of how UR+ Application Kits make it simple for quality departments to deploy collaborative robots (cobots) for applications in the QC lab and on the manufacturing floor.

The Q-Span Workstation Kit is a UR+ certified application kit that automates dimensional gaging of small parts using New Scale’s robotic calipers and other gaging tools.

Key points from the webinar included:

  • Cobots enable incremental automation vs. the “all or nothing” approach of fixed industrial robots.
  • Cobots enable top-line productivity: Increase output without increasing labor, increase capacity to grow current customers and add new ones, and expand product lines.
  • Cobots are reaching new classes of users: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are new to automation and don’t have robot engineers on staff.  In 2016, 90% of US firms in the manufacturing sector had fewer than 100 employees!

The webinar concluded with five business drivers for cobots in quality:

1. Bring the inspection and metrology processes onto the factory floor

2. Reduce the lag time between the manufacturing process and the quality process

3. Increase the frequency of quality checks and inspections

4. Embed quality into the manufacturing process


The Q-Span Workstation Kit with a UR3e cobot from Universal Robots is a UR+ Certified application kit.

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