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Automation helps companies address the labor shortage in manufacturing, including quality assurance

As robot installations become more common on the production floor, more plant workers worry about their job security. However, with the proper training and education, these workers could learn new skills and move on to a more advanced position within the company, rather than being outright displaced.

For example, New Scale Robotic’s Q-Span Systems free workers from the tedious work of making repetitive measurements with calipers and entering the data manually. With higher throughput, companies can increase their capacity and workers can move to higher-value tasks.

This whitepaper from the Association for Advancing Automation discusses how automation creates jobs, and busts some myths on the use of robots in manufacturing.

Five Topics Covered in this Whitepaper:

  • The Labor Crisis in Manufacturing
  • Automation: Keeping the U.S. Manufacturing Industry Competitive
  • Robots: Creating Jobs and Saving Lives
  • How Robots and Automation Help the Manufacturing Industry Succeed
  • The Future of Automation

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Visit the Association for Advancing Automation to download the primer (leave this site)

Or contact New Scale Robotics to discuss how a Q-Span System can help with agile automation including automated measurement inspection combined with small part handling.


Visit The Association for Advancing Automation to download the white paper

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