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New white paper discusses how to qualify Q-Span Workstation tool capability for parts and processes in small-part manufacturing.

New Scale Robotics has announced a free white paper:  “Q-Span System Correlation Study – Automating Small-Part Measurement.” A Q-Span System automates measurement of small parts, using robotic tooling to replace manual calipers and improve gage R&R. The white paper describes how to qualify Q-Span Workstation tool capability for specific parts and processes in small-part manufacturing.

It is applicable to any business making precision small parts for medical systems, aerospace, scientific instruments, optics and more.

“A Q-Span Workstation can help QC departments return to full productivity, while maintaining recommended protections such as distance between workers,” said David Henderson, CEO of New Scale Robotics. “By undertaking a correlation study now, manufacturers can verify system capability and get a jump-start on implementing the system as soon as conditions allow.”

The white paper covers what types of parts can be measured with a Q-Span system, considering part mass and size, features and tolerances, and manufacturing process. The discussion includes:

  • A detailed description of how the Q-Span System takes measurements, incorporating robotic pick-and-place
  • How to validate measurements.
  • How to demonstrate correlation with existing measurement methods.

The discussion considers system resolution and repeatability, comparative and full-scale accuracy, and instrument capability using gauge R&R analysis.

New Scale Robotics provides a free initial assessment of Q-Span System feasibility based on customers’ part drawings with tolerances. If the initial assessment in positive, the company provides a free part correlation study and verification report to qualify that a Q-Span System is a capable tool for the customer’s parts and processes.  Contact New Scale Robotics at +1 585 924 4450 or email nsrsales@newscalerobotics.com


Learn how to qualify Q-Span Workstation tool capability for parts and processes in small-part manufacturing

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