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New Scale Robotics was featured in the new Universal Robots white paper: Improving Quality with Cobots – Deploy Advanced Quality, Inspection and Metrology Applications, Today.

The new Universal Robots (UR) White Paper explains why New Scale Robotics chose the UR cobot platform for development of our Q-Span® Workstation Kit, which automates contact measurement inspection of small parts in high-mix manufacturing.

“Despite being armed with digital calipers and other tools for quality and inspection tasks, human workers simply cannot achieve the same levels of accuracy and consistency provided by robots, making these tasks an ideal fit for automation,” the white paper explains.

“However, until relatively recently, automation has been beyond the budgetary constraints and in-house knowledge of most small -to-medium size businesses.

“The emergence of low cost, easy-to-use collaborative industrial robot arms [see: what are cobots?] over the past decade, led by Universal Robots, has changed all that, making advanced automation –including powerful quality control systems– available to companies of all sizes for the first time.”

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The new Universal Robots white paper explains how our Q-Span Workstation builds on the capabilities of Universal Robots’ UR3e cobot.

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