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Collaborative robots help with social distancing in the QC/QA lab.

Quality teams at high-mix manufacturing facilities are getting back to full production after shut-downs and slow-downs caused by the response to Covid-19 in the USA. They are finding that they can use collaborative robots to facilitate social distancing in the QC lab… and actually improve throughput and gauge repeatability and reproducibility (gauge R&R) at the same time.

Robotic calipers automate measurement

These QC teams have been manually measuring small parts with digital calipers. Now, rather than having a technician sitting in the lab, they can use a Q-Span Workstation.

The Q-Span System is easily programmed to automatically pick small parts from a tray, measure multiple dimensions on each part, record all the data, and sort/place the parts into appropriate output trays.

QC technicians set up the system and are free to move to other areas of the facility between tray changes.

The result: Fewer people in your limited QC space, while hitting or exceeding all throughput and gauge R&R targets.

Automation designed for the QC lab

Collaborative robots have found their place in manufacturing, for tasks including machine tending, assembly and materials handling. Now New Scale Robotics is bringing them to the quality department, with new end-of-arm-tooling and application-specific system kits and solutions.

Explore the capabilities of a Q-Span Workstation. Then contact us to discuss how we can help get your QC lab back to full capacity, quickly and safely.

Q-Span Systems help you get back into the QC lab by automating measurements of small parts, helping your quality team get more done while protecting workers.

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