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The NSR-PG Precision Parallel Gripper is the first gripper for automated metrology with cobots. It is the perfect fit for small parts and small collaborative robots such as the UR3. This video shows how you can use the gripper and supporting application package to easily automate repetitive, labor-intensive measurement and quality control tasks.

The internal high-resolution position sensor provides absolute position of the fingers with resolution of 10 µm. (NEW: resolution of 2.5 µm with UR e-Series cobots)

To get started, choose a set of metrology fingertips and install them on the factory fingers that came with your NSR-PG gripper. Set the zero reference for the fingertips using a known standard dimension. Connect the UR robot teach pendant to a PC for data logging. Visit the Downloads page to download the tech note and sample code for making this this connection.

Now we’re ready to measure parts. In this example, we’re using the flat metrology fingertips to measure an outside dimension on a part.

Here we have programmed the robot and gripper to pick a part from the pallet, set the part down on a fixture – in this case a surface of known height – and grip the part feature to be measured, then place the part in the second pallet.

Each measurement is logged to the PC and displayed on a graph, and the program repeats until the entire pallet is processed.

The data is now available on the PC for analysis with statistical software such as MiniTab.

The position information is also continuously available to the software, enabling decision-making in automation scripts.

The NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper makes your collaborative robot a powerful tool for automated metrology.

Next video: Metrology Fingertips Kit