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The Metrology Fingertips Set for the NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper enables high-precision measurements of many types of features on small parts. The fingertips easily attach to the gripper’s factory fingers. The kit includes three types of fingertips: Flat, spherical and cylindrical.

Flat fingertips are used to measure flat features, or convex spherical & cylindrical features. For example measuring the diameter of a sphere.
Spherical fingertips are used to measure flat features, or concave spherical & cylindrical features. For example measuring the distance between two flat surfaces.

To install either the flat or spherical metrology fingertips, simply thread the post on the fingertip into the hole in the factory finger and tighten gently with a hex wrench. Install the fingertips with the contact surfaces facing towards each other to measure outside dimensions on a part. Install the fingertips with their contact surfaces facing away from each other to measure inside dimensions on parts.

Cylindrical fingertips are another option to measure flat or concave cylindrical surfaces – like the inside diameter of a part.

To install the cylindrical fingertips, slide them over the factory fingers and fasten in place using M2 by 4 mm length screws. The fingertip pins should be pointing away from the gripper. Tighten with the hex key. The cylindrical fingertips can be installed with the pins closest to centerline to measure the inside diameter of small holes, or with pins furthest from centerline to measure inside diameter of larger holes.

Different fingertip shapes can be paired together to accommodate a wide variety of part features using well-established metrology methods.

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