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This video shows how to configure the NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper to measure parts with 2.5 micron (0.1 in/1000) resolution.

The first step is to select the target dimensions being measured and install the appropriate finger tips. We show two examples of target dimensions and finger tips:

  1. Outside measurement of two parallel surfaces using a spherical tip and a flat tip.
  2. Inside measurement of a round hole using two parallel pins.

New Scale Robotics offers a standard kit of metrology finger tips that easily install on the factory fingers.  Many other options are possible. Please contact us for more information.

The second step is to establish the zero reference for each pair of installed finger tips. This procedure is described in detail in Section 4.4 of the User Manual and uses the commands on the installation screen of the URCaps application.

Each pair of finger tips requires a zero reference value.  The zero reference is established by measuring a part with a known standard dimension. First, add a Reference item to the drop down list, give it a name, and select Inside or Outside.

For the Outside measurement, the standard is a steel gauge block with a size similar  to the target dimension (in this example 30.48 mm).  Enter the standard dimension on the screen. Place the standard between the finger tips and activate the Find Outside Ref. button.  The gripper measures the standard and records the zero reference value.  Now the target dimension can be measured with precision and the measurement is displayed on the screen.

For the Inside measurement, the standard is a micrometer with a precise opening of anvil and spindle (in this example 12.9 mm). Move the finger tips (parallel pins) inside the anvil and spindle, and activate the Find Inside Ref. button  to measure the standard.

Now your gripper and robot are ready to make continuous automated measurements of the target dimensions.

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