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Measurement Inspection with Cobots

Measurement inspection and sorting of small parts are tedious tasks traditionally performed by human operators. The NSR-PG Precision Parallel Gripper lets you use collaborative robots (cobots) to easily automate these repetitive tasks.

Save time by turning “pick-and-place” into “pick-MEASURE-RECORD-and-place!

Use a cobot to pick parts, measure and record the data in a single step, and then place the parts into pallets sorted by size, or by pass/fail, or whatever you need.

Your Complete Solution for Small Part Gaging, Measurement and Sorting

NSR-PG-10-20-URe Precision Parallel Gripper has an internal position sensor with a resolution of 2.5 μm (0.1 inch/1000). It includes factory fingers adjustable to three different opening ranges – up to 52 mm. Learn more

NSR-KIT-F1 Metrology Fingertips Kit includes three pairs of fingertips. These easily install on the NSR-PG precision gripper’s factory fingers to enable precision measurements of a wide variety of part shapes. Learn more

NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount System supports up to three grippers on one cobot. Increase throughput by making more measurements with fewer large moves. Learn more

NSR Devices URCaps Plugin enables fast setup and programming of the robot and one or more grippers. Measurement data is displayed on the teach pendant and continuously available in the software.

Data Logging Tech Note provides detailed instructions and a complete working example: How to measure parts, transfer the data to a server, and record and plot the data.

Example Code includes
1. a URScript showing how to program the UR robot for metrology, and
2. a server-side program example written in C# for Windows PC.

WATCH | How to Implement Inline Measurement Inspection with Cobots

This demonstration shows a single cobot automatically measuring five features on a part and logging the data to a PC. It features the NSR-MTM Multi-Tool Mount System, NSR Devices URCaps application, three NSR-PG-10-20-URe grippers, and a UR3e robot from Universal Robots.


Step by step: Using the NSR-PG Precision Parallel Gripper with a UR3 cobot to automate a measurement task.

Metrology Fingertips Kit

This video shows how to install and use the Metrology Fingertips Kit for the NSR-PG-10-20 Precision Parallel Gripper.

Establish Zero Reference

Establish the zero reference for the metrology fingertips by measuring a part with a known standard dimension.

Data Logging

This video demonstrates measuring parts, transferring the data to a server, and recording and plotting this data.