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DIY Automation

for small part measurement


The do-it-yourself (DIY) robotic quality inspection tool


Combine automated part handling, robotic caliper measurements, and automated data logging

  • Pick small parts
  • Measure multiple dimensions on each
  • Record data for statistical analysis
  • Place and sort parts based on real-time results

Improve quality and capacity

Fast implementation for high-mix, small batch manufacturing

  • Return on investment in less than 10 months
  • Improve inspection accuracy
  • Increase staff skills and reduce repetitive stress injuries

Watch: How does a Q-Span® Workstation Kit help your quality team?

Use a Q-Span Workstation Kit to pick, measure and place your small parts with up to three precision gripper/caliper tools on one collaborative robot

Can we help?

If you’re manually measuring small parts (up to about 4 inches) with digital calipers – we can probably help. Let us know what you’re trying to measure and we’ll do a FREE assessment of your part.

See it in action!

Book an interactive, online demonstration of the Q-Span Workstation Kit. Our applications engineers will tailor the demo to your interests, and answer your questions about automating your quality processes. Book online or call (585) 924-4450 today.

See live, in-person demos of our robotic gaging systems at the Quality Show

New Scale Robotics will demonstrate its Q-Span Robotic Gaging System live and in person at the Quality Show October 26-28, 2021 in Rosemont, Illinois. The demos will show how this do-it-yourself robotic kit can help high-mix, small-batch manufacturers to quickly and...

Simplifying Cobot Setup and Deployment for Quality Applications

New Scale Robotics was featured in a recent Universal Robots webinar:  Simplifying Cobot Setup and Deployment for Quality Applications. The recent Universal Robots (UR) Webinar cited our Q-Span® Workstation Kit as an example of how UR+ Application Kits make it simple...

Modern Gaging Trends: Technology Evolves to Meet the Needs of Today’s User

A recent article in Quality Magazine is a great summary of some modern trends in gaging. At New Scale Robotics, we are working to combine these digitized gages with collaborative robots - helping manufacturers automate gaging with robotic tools that are as easy to use...

Plug-and-Play Robot Ecosystems on the Rise

We created our Q-Span Workstation Kits as part of the UR+ ecosystem. A recent article from the Association for Advancing Automation explains the incredible value of that plug-and-produce ecosystem for our users.  Simply put, UR+ Application Kits make it easy to get...

Smart Mechatronics: Function Kits vs. Application Kits

Closed system function kits vs. open system cobot application kits - which is best for high-mix manufacturing? Smart mechatronic systems help manufacturers automate and drive towards industry 4.0. Mechatronics are systems that combine mechanical and electrical...

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