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Automate Manual Gauging

Automate Manual Gauging


The do-it-yourself (DIY) robotic gauging tool


Combine automated part handling, robotic dimensional gauging, and automated data logging

  • Pick parts
  • Measure with robotic calipers and other gauges
  • Record data for statistical analysis
  • Place and sort parts based on real-time results

Improve productivity and process control

Fast implementation for high-mix, small batch manufacturing

  • Return on investment in less than 10 months
  • Improve gauge repeatability and reproducibility
  • Reduce scrap with improved traceability

Watch: How does a Q-Span® Gauging System help your quality team?

Use a Q-Span Workstation Kit to pick, measure and place your small parts with up to three precision gripper/caliper tools on one collaborative robot. Additional gauges can be incorporated as needed.

Can we help?

If you’re manually measuring small parts with digital calipers and other manual gauges – we can probably help. Let us know what you’re trying to measure, and we’ll do a FREE assessment of your part.

See it in action!

Book an interactive, online demonstration of the Q-Span Workstation Kit. Our applications engineers will tailor the demo to your interests, and answer your questions about automating your quality processes. Book online or call (585) 924-4450 today.

Automated Gauging is IMTS 2022 Highlight

In booth demos and a conference session, New Scale applications specialists will help QC teams explore the benefits of using collaborative robots for gauging in high-mix manufacturingNew Scale Robotics will highlight its Q-Span® Automated Gauging System at the...

New Scale Robotics Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

New Scale Technologies, Inc., including its new Scale Robotics Division, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management systems. “ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our ongoing commitment to quality in the design and assembly of micro motion...

Robots Need Dexterity to Work With Bore Gauges

Collaborative robots with sufficient resolution and repeatability can automate measurements using standard manual bore gauges. They improve throughput, and deliver additional benefits beyond measuring inner diameters. Here’s how.

Introducing Q-Span Gauging Systems

How do Q-Span® Gauging Systems help your quality team? Q-Span® Gauging Systems use a collaborative robot and easy-to-use robot control software to automatically: PICK parts for quality inspection MEASURE parts using a variety of gauges - including standard gauges from...

Q-Span® Gauging System Automates Measurement Inspection

Do-it-yourself robotic workstation incorporates existing manual gauges to increase throughput and process control in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing operations.

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